SlowMist Technology, PeckShield and Beosin Announce OneSwap Passes Security Audit

On September 6, 2020, SlowMist Technology, PeckShield, and Beosin, well-known security companies in the blockchain industry, jointly announced that they had completed a comprehensive security audit of the decentralized transaction protocol OneSwap.

With the advent of the DeFi rush, there have emerged hundreds of DeFi projects with no audit, no introduction, and no team in the market. Highly profitable as they were, the loopholes in products and codes have also posed big threats to users’ asset security. According to incomplete statistics, in the past month, a total of 28 severe security incidents took place in the blockchain ecosystem, 8 of them were related to DeFi projects.

As the OneSwap team believes, a high-quality DeFi project not only can bring more investment incomes for users, but also can bear the responsibility for the sustainable development of the DeFi ecosystem, community users and investors. The technical team, responsible for users’ asset security, must see to security issues. That is also the main reason why the OneSwap team insists on completing the code audit before the official launch.

The OneSwap team completed the development of the smart contract code on August 25, and then applied with SlowMist Technology, PeckShield and Beosin for code audit.

Having accepted OneSwap’s application, the three independent audit teams each conducted a full range of code audits on the OneSwap smart contract code by virtue of their own unique strategies to ensure the vulnerabilities were detected in time.

In the comprehensive test and analysis, the audit teams respectively checked its attack vulnerability, contract complexity , code universality, on-chain data security, code logic and business logic.

After the rigorous and comprehensive security audit of SlowMist Technology, PeckShield, and Beosin, OneSwap’s smart contract code has proved to comply with the audit standards set by all the three auditors in terms of code standard, contract function security, security of asset liquidity, system interface implementation, and the security of the business system. All the problems detected in the audit has been resolved by the OneSwap technical team.

In the future, OneSwap will keep in mind its responsibility for users and never compromise product security. It will continuously improve OneSwap products and its code security.

After the audit, SlowMist Technology, PeckShield and Beosin have all issued code audit reports for OneSwap. If you have more questions about the results of the smart contract code audit for OneSwap, please refer to:

SlowMist Technology “Audit Report of OneSwap Smart Contract”

PeckShield “Audit Report of OneSwap Smart Contract”

Beosin “Audit Report of OneSwap Smart Contract”

About OneSwap

OneSwap is a one-stop trading service platform on the chain. Relying on the permission-free token listing of DEX, OneSwap draws on the good practices of the AMM project, and introduces the on-chain order book based on the CFMM model to improve the trading experience of AMM users. The combination of the CFMM model and the on-chain order book not only provides users with a familiar way of trading limit orders, but also further enhances the liquidity of digital assets. To facilitate on-chain governance, OneSwap will issue an ERC20 governance token named ONES with a constant total number at 100 million. Miners can gain ONES as rewards by liquidity mining and transaction mining on OneSwap.

About SlowMist Technology

SlowMist Technology is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the security of blockchain ecosystem. It has served many top or well-known projects, including over 800 commercial clients, around the world through its integrated, flexible security solutions covering threat detection and defense. Its security solutions include security audits, threat intelligence (BTI), vulnerability bounties, defense deployment, security advisory services, and other SAAS security products such as anti-money laundering (AML), and fake deposit vulnerability scanning. All these have been widely concerned and recognized by the industry.

About PeckShield

Established in 2018, PeckShield is a leader in blockchain security. Its key elite team has served world-renowned manufacturers including 360, Intel, Juniper, and Alibaba. Many of the team’s original works on fundamental network security issues have been acknowledged by various manufacturers in essays published on their official websites.

About Beosin

Established in March 2018, Beosin is a globally leading blockchain security company. Centering on four major technologies, respectively, network security, formal verification, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, Beosin has set up a “one-stop blockchain security service platform” to keep the blockchain ecosystem secure. Relying on its “four security products” and “eight security services”, this platform provides blockchain companies with comprehensive security services and support, such as security audits, virtual asset traceability and AML anti-money laundering, security protection, threat intelligence, security consulting, and emergency response, enabling a security solution covering the full life cycle of the blockchain system from R&D to operation and further to supervision.

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