OneSwap White Paper Officially Released, Building a One-stop Trading Service Platform on the Chain

Dear OneSwap user,

The OneSwap team is honored to announce that the OneSwap White Paper has been officially released on August 6, 2020. The OneSwap team welcomes users in the cryptocurrency community to learn more about OneSwap and participate in its community building.

OneSwap commits itself to being a universal one-stop transaction service platform that can be implemented and deployed on any blockchain that supports smart contracts.

In terms of product design, OneSwap introduces limit orders on the basis of DEX’s permissionless token listing and automated market making. Users can initiate market orders or limit orders.

With regard to trading experience, OneSwap adopts a combination of the Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM) model in the Uniswap project and the on-chain order book to reduce restrictions on transactions apart from permissionless token issuance and listing, and improves the way of interaction with users through the built-in OneSwap Wallet, turning itself into a one-stop trading platform.

The total amount of tokens is 100 million, among them 5% are miner rewards; 45% goes to the future launch of mining reward program and community construction, promotion plan, etc.; 25% belongs to the project operation and maintenance, initial unlock 2.5%, within 4 and a half years 9 unlocks will be completed; 15% belongs to the core team, initial unlock 1%, within 4 and a half years 9 unlocks will be completed; 5% are distributed to the core project early investors, initial unlock 1%, 2 years 4 unlocks will be completed;

In order to enhance the transparency and credibility of the OneSwap project, the part of ONES tokens used as the mining rewards is managed by the governance contract, while the ONES tokens that need to be unlocked linearly in accordance with the time are managed by the lock contract. After ONES go online, 11% of its initial circulation will be transferred to the home party address, 45% of the tokens will be transferred to the governance contract, and 44% of the tokens will be transferred to the lock contract.

The allocation and use of all tokens requires on-chain voting decisions. the funds applicant initiates a proposal application through the chain.

Compared with other DEXs, OneSwap is similar to traditional exchanges in terms of product design and trading experience, and will have its community governance, technical architecture, and internal logic optimized on the basis of permissionless DEX products. We aim to create an open and free trading environment for the blockchain industry through OneSwap. At the same time, we sincerely invite more peers to join OneSwap’s ecosystem construction and witness with us the birth of the strongest DEX in the DeFi ecosystem.

For more information about OneSwap, please refer to the OneSwap White Paper.







A fully decentralized exchange protocol on Smart Contract, with permission-free token listing and automated market making.