OneSwap Officially Supports the Huobi ECO Chain Network and HRC20 Tokens Trading, with 100% of Transaction Fees as Dividend

Dear OneSwap users,

After nearly a month of development and testing, OneSwap has completed the compatibility and deployment of the Huobi ECO Chain network. OneSwap now officially supports the Huobi ECO Chain network and trading of HRC20 tokens since February 26, 2021 (UTC+8).

The Huobi ECO Chain network is a faster and cheaper smart contract network. It will greatly accelerate OneSwap’s transaction speed, cut transaction fees, and cater to users’ transaction needs with more diverse asset options.

While improving the trading experience, the support for the Huobi ECO Chain network on OneSwap has also promoted its DeFi ecosystem construction on various blockchains and considerably enriched its application scenarios. When users provide liquidity to the pool on Huobi ECO Chain, they can enjoy 100% of transaction fees as dividend.

OneSwap is a one-stop transaction service platform that can be implemented and deployed on any blockchain that supports smart contract. OneSwap was once deployed on Ethereum on September 19, 2020, deployed on TRON on November 14, 2020, and deployed on Binance Smart Chain on January 15, 2021 respectively. Also, such functions and services as liquidity mining, referral mining and community governance were launched.

OneSwap will continue to support blockchain networks featuring better performance and stabler operation to meet the diverse transaction needs of users.

OneSwap Team

March 2, 2021

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