OneSwap Launches ONET on TRON Network

Dear OneSwap users,

ONET, a governance token issued by OneSwap on the TRON network, has been officially launched today. ONET is an independent token irrelevant with ONES issued by OneSwap on Ethereum.

The total amount of ONET is fixed at 100 million. 40% of OneSwap’s transaction fees on the TRON network is automatically used to repurchase and burn ONET.

The initial circulation of ONET is 0. The distribution and circulation of ONET are as follows:

Those with more than 1% of the total ONET can initiate proposals, and any user holding ONET can vote for or against a proposal. The voting lasts for three days, with one token for one vote. After the voting, the proposals receiving more positive votes than the negative are passed.

How to Get ONET

Users can get ONET in various ways:

1. 5% of ONET will be airdropped to active addresses on JustSwap. Addresses with trading volumes greater than 1,000 TRX on JustSwap before 1 November will receive 100 ONET each via airdrop.

2. 5% of ONET will be airdropped to early users of OneSwap. Users who registered OneSwap Wallet and completed certain tasks can receive ONET as a reward. Please check the task details on the OneSwap Airdrop page.

3. Users can also participate in referral mining. By inviting friends to trade on OneSwap through exclusive referral links, users can claim ONET equivalent to 20% of every actual transaction fee generated by their referred users as a reward.

Users can also participate in liquidity mining by providing liquidity for whitelisted trading pairs and share rewards in proportion.

Liquidity Mining Details

OneSwap Team

19 November, 2020