OneSwap Launches An Incentive Plan for Project Developers

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Dear OneSwap users,

OneSwap launched an incentive plan for project developers on November 30. According to this plan, issuers of the token who have verified their identity by signature are entitled to 20% of the transaction fees as a reward in the relevant markets on OneSwap. At the same time, OneSwap Agents can receive an additional 5% of the transaction fees by inviting project developers to settle in OneSwap.

How to bind Token?

You need to verify the signature with the issued token contract address. Please refer to the help guide for details.

What markets can provide rewards?

All trading pairs that use the token as a non-pricing currency can get a transaction fee reward. For example, the ABC developer can get rewards in the ABC/ETH market, but cannot get in the ETH/ABC market.

According to OneSwap’s incentive plan, it is not required for the project developer to create a market. If there has already been a market of a token on OneSwap, the project developer can still get the corresponding rewards after binding it.

In order to prevent misuse of the incentive plan, only the transaction fees actually paid at the time of the transaction are considered valid in the whitelist. The whitelist contains tokens that are widely recognized by the market, which will be updated regularly. You can also add tokens to it by submitting an application.

How are rewards distributed?

The rewards will be distributed in the form of OneSwap tokens on the chain of the token, and will be issued every day at 0:00 UTC, and you can receive the income on the mining page.

How to become a OneSwap Agent?

We welcome anyone who has the ability and will to become a OneSwap agent and participate in the construction of OneSwap. Please briefly introduce yourself in the application, state your advantages, along with your contact information, SNS account information, and your wallet address. Click HERE to apply.

After becoming an agent, you will get an exclusive invitation code, which invited project developer should provide when binding the token as a way to confirm your identity as an Agent and help you get rewards.

OneSwap Team

November 30, 2020

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