OneSwap Guide for Beginners and Novices (3)

— Create A Liquidity Pool (Create A Trading Pair)

Hello, everyone. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to create a liquidity pool (i.e. a trading pair) at OneSwap.


OneSwap allows users to create liquidity pools (trading pairs) for all tokens listed on the ETH network. Before that, you need to transfer your tokens to the address of the OneSwap wallet through [Receive];

When you create a new liquidity pool (trading pair), you will be the first liquidity provider of the pool, and the proportion of tokens added will determine the initial price;


Let’s take the creation of an NBTC/PBTC liquidity pool (trading pair) with NBTC and PBTC we have as an example:

First, visit through a browser. Similarly, we take the Ethereum chain as an example. Select [ETH] public chain, connect to the OneSwap wallet, and enter the [Pool] page. Transfer NBTC and PBTC we have to the OneSwap wallet;


Second, click [Create], select tokens respectively, and set the initial price of NBTC/PBTC at 2 (i.e. 2 NBTC=1 PBTC, 0.5 PBTC=1 NBTC), and add 200 NBTC and 100 PBTC as liquidity. You can click [Swap order (Disable Limit Order)] as needed, and click [Create] after confirmation;


After confirming the information, click [Create], and [Authorize] the tokens of the new liquidity pool. Now just wait for the confirmation by the ETH network.

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