OneSwap Guide for Beginners and Novices (2)

— — Add and Remove Liquidity

Hello, everyone. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to add and remove liquidity in OneSwap.

First, visit through a browser. Here we still take the Ethereum chain as an example. Select a chain in the upper left corner, and click [ETH] and then [Connect to Wallet];

Title in the center of the screen: How to add liquidity in OneSwap?

Select [Pool] in the navigation bar, click [Add Liquidity] and then [Select Token]. It is suggested that you enter the “address” to search the token. Confirm the token and contract address, and then select the token;

Take ONES/ETH for example.

Enter the [Quantity] of liquidity to add, and click [Add] after confirmation;

Select a reasonable “Gas” on the authorization page and click [Authorize], confirm the authorization content at the connected wallet, and click [Confirm]. Liquidity will be successfully added after being confirmed by the block.

Here is a tip. OneSwap will adjust the gas fee in real-time according to the congestion, so you’re suggested to choose “Recommendation”.

Title in the center of the screen: How to remove liquidity from OneSwap?

Click [Remove Liquidity], enter the “Withdrawal Percentage”, and click [Remove] after confirmation. Then select a reasonable “Gas”, and confirm the authorization content. Liquidity will be successfully removed after being confirmed by the block.



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