3 Million MUT Rewards: OneSwap’s Multi-Crypto Liquidity Mining Event

The first merged mining event of multiple cryptos: launching AAM liquidity mining

Following the upgrade of its multi-crypto liquidity mining on February 18, 2022, OneSwap now allows more liquidity pools to engage in AMM liquidity mining. The merged mining event, in collaboration with Mini Utopia and IFSwap, will be held on CSC.

  • Duration: 0:00 February 25–0:00 March 7 (UTC)
  • Details of mining earnings:

How to participate in this event?

1) First, log in to the event link: https://www.oneswap.net/cet/mining, choose CET (i.e. CSC) and the trading pair you want for mining in the upper left corner, and click “Join”; (take ONES/CET as an example.)

Follow & Retweet to Receive Airdrop Rewards

During the event, you will have a chance to get 10 ONES and 100 CET by following the official Twitter account of OneSwap and CSC and retweeting the event tweet (the tweet about merged mining) while tagging three friends.



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